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About SELC

South East London Cabinetmaking (SELC) is a London based newly established manufacturer of – amongst other bespoke furniture – indestructible solid wood designer dining tables, bedside tables, coffee tables, chairs and tallboys (chests of drawers).

Our tables and chairs are the result of intensive sketching, drawing and prototyping. This type of design, using mostly American black walnut and Canadian maple, is totally unique, and is being adopted solely in our workshop.

Take some time to look at the photographs and decide for yourself whether any of these pieces of fine cabinetmaking are worthy of featuring in your home.

We prefer to work with solid hard woods, veneered or stained MDF, lacquers, and waxes, although other materials and finishes may be used.

Everything is built without skimping on materials and finishes because quality is our mission.

As we are not strictly a manufacturer of mass produced or flat pack furniture, prices will tend to be higher than your average superstore, but so will the quality and the design. We make things that will last. If the final job doesn’t look good enough to feature in a nice house, or we simply think it’s not satisfactory, we won’t sell it to you.

The prices listed in the UK Deliveries page are discounted by 10% for collections, and by 5% for deliveries within 20 miles or so of the workshop

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