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Bespoke jobs and deliveries for locations within 20 miles from the workshop may be undertaken depending on how busy we are and the type of cabinets/furniture you require. Normally, we will try our best to describe what the final job will look like. If pictures of previous SELC work are not available – for instance – we may refer to sketches, furniture magazines/books or the like to give you an idea of what we can do.

We prefer to work with solid hard woods, veneered or stained MDF, lacquers, and waxes, although other materials and finishes may be used.

As we are not strictly a manufacturer of mass produced or flat pack furniture, prices will tend to be higher than your average superstore, but so will the quality and the design. We make things that will last. If the final job doesn’t look good enough to feature in the boss' home, or we simply think it’s not satisfactory, we won’t sell it to you.

Variations of the delivered products may be undertaken. For example, we might design and make bed side tables or conference tables – with or without extra features – and in different sizes, based on our standard products and to suit your needs and budget. All furniture gets made at our workshop, although for certain jobs such as alcoves, on-site work may be required. We will try to cause the least disruption possible. If the job required and the dimensions are not a straightforward matter, we may need to survey your place to sketch and design.

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